Antibird net

Our Anti-Bird Nets are mainly used for protecting your fruit trees and vegetable garden from bird damage. These types of mesh are fine enough to keep birds out and at the same time allow good air circulation. They can easily apply on lettuce-beds, trees, berry-bushes, etc.

Made of strong HDPE tapes Anti-Bird nets can be used for several seasons.
They come in pre-packs or in rolls and in various sizes.
Anti-Bird nets are available in three designs with additional characteristics that fit a number of different applications:

Fine mesh of PE-tape (approx.10x10mm), comes in light green color. It is mainly used for salad eds, new plants and berry-bushes.

Wide mesh of PE-tape (approx.25x25mm), of dark green color, is a stronger net and it’s normally used on fruit trees.

Wide mesh of PE-tape (approx.17x17mm), this net is specially designed for heavy-duty and it’s normally used by professionals. It also comes in dark-green color and is UV stabilized.