Bale Netwrap

KARATZIS Bale Netwrap is manufactured with state of the art Raw Materials providing maximum tensile strength, highest resistance to tearing as well as maximum protection against UV radiation.

KARATZIS Bale Netwrap is the best solutions for perfect baling. Recognized by Farmers and Contractors worldwide, has proven to consistently deliver all of the performance criteria a farmer or contractor demand.

It provides with full, consistent and uniform coverage while achieving a fast baling process. It is suitable for all crops (hay, straw, silage, corn) and works under all weather conditions.

Your best choice for round baling:

  • Unique Extrusion and Knitting Technology.
  • Strict Quality Control procedures according to International Certifications and Industry’s standards.
  • Compatible with all popular balers.
  • High breaking strength to cope with the heaviest of bales
  • Maximum bale coverage on all type of crops.
  • Unique identification code on every roll.
  • Guaranteed lengths.
  • UV stabilized and antistatic treated.
  • End-of-roll warning.
  • Pallet cradles for easy storage.