Hellasnet’s scaffolding nets are made from HDPE knitted fabrics with a high tear resistance. They are an ideal choice as advertising media for wide-coverage advertising and, in addition, they offer excellent value and quality for money.

Hellasnet has the possibility to print different logos or pictures on the nets, in order to give the nets an attractive and impressive look.

Standard colors: Dark green, white, lime green
Possible colors available if requested: e.g. blue, orange, red
Colors for printing: e.g. yellow, red, green, black, blue, white

Reflective Safety Net

The new patented Reflective Safety Net of Karatzis S.A is clearly visible as it comprises retro reflective tapes with visibility power of 800cpl. Warning lamps and extra road signs are no longer necessary.

Simple and light pillars instead of common heavy pillars or unhandy barriers are used for placement and steadiness. Unlike heavy extruded nets the Reflective Safety Net is easy to roll back wash and reuse. Additionally, there is a significant save on maintenance costs.

Reflective Safety net is the solution

  • Sensibly visible in the night
  • Easily installed
  • Indestructible
  • Simple light pillars
  • Easy to carry
  • Roll back, wash, reuse


KARATZIS S.A. manufactures a wide range of knitted netting suitable for light, climate and air-flow control in outdoor parking stations. The shading net material is manufactured with special knitting patterns and special processing, in order to achieve maximum protection.


  • It releases the hot air trough it’s special structure and provides a temperature difference of – 5°C.
  • It does not fade from the sun rays and offers thermal and UV protection.
  • Very durable in extreme weather conditions.
  • Vehicle color and interior protection.
  • Safety and protection from wind, sun, hail and ultraviolet rays.
  • Extremely durable in trees’ resin, excrements of birds and detergents.
  • Printable with companies’ or advertising logos.