Multiclima series is the revolutionary development of KARATZIS S.A. for the protection of winter crops from early frost.

Early frost can be detrimental to crops. The extent of damage caused by frost depends on the temperature, length of exposure time, humidity levels, and the speed to which the freezing temperature was reached.

Frost damage occurs as moisture within the plant crystallizes and expands. This causes cells to rupture and fluid to leak out thus, the watery appearance of plant tissue or seed after a damaging frost.

The Multiclima series of netting are easy and inexpensive to install while offering:

  • Protection of early frost to come in direct contact with crops.
  • Improvement of micro-climate around the crop, resulting into faster growth and early harvest
  • Protection from heavy rains and wind
  • Security from uniform cultures
  • Minimization in use of chemicals
  • Increase of production yield
  • Easy and unexpensive installation