Pallet Netwrap

Pallet Netwrap is the solution when ventilation of products is needed in order to cure or cool down.
At the same time, you have a cost effective solution to form stable and unitized pallets.
Designed as a superior alternative to stretch film, our Pallet net wrap protects while offering superior ventilation and condensation characteristics. With lower pallet temperatures and less condensation, the goods shipped stay fresh longer. Easily applied with hand wrappers or stretch wrapping machinery..

Advantages of Pallet Net Use by Industry

Hot field products Industry: Condensation formation after stretch wrapping using traditional stretch film is a problem. Pallet net prevents the development of condensation and all the associated problems like discoloration of labels, vitiation of packaging, rust generation on tins or caps, reduced performance of glues.

Frozen Products Industry: Time is always an important in this business. Pallet net shortens the freezing time by letting cold air to come through to the product quicker. The de-freezing time is also improved as the moisture can escape faster.

Fresh Produce Industry: Freshness of fresh produce is related with air permeability and circulation. Pallet net protects fresh produce while providing optimum air circulation that promotes longer lasting of freshness.

  • Normal pallet netting
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to handle
  • Simple to dispose
  • Fully protective
  • Provides air circulation and is recommended for packaging of produce fruits and flowers
  • Ideal for the packaging of fruits, vegetables and flowers


Available in

  • jumbo rolls
  • machine rolls
  • hand rolls