Silage bags allow you to store your silage in the field on a well graded and drained ground surface. Silage bags are white on outside to reflect sunlight and black on inside to prevent light transmission. Both layers help to maintain a constant temperature, eliminating spikes, and thus increasing the nutritional value of the stored product.

Hard to puncture, break, stretch, or tear, bags have 18 months’ warranty from manufacturer.

Excellent mechanical properties and strong resistance to tearing and impact.
Adequate temperatures maintained for optimal fermentation.
High efficiency in forage preservation with low loss of nutrients.
Hermetically sealed area prevents the growth of aerobic bacteria, moths, and other insects, eliminating the need for chemical treatments (insecticides).
The white layer is placed outwards and reflects solar radiation and helps to avoid unwanted fermentations.
Very low permeability to oxygen. Excellent barrier against water and air, avoiding possible leakage of polluting gases.